LED Rocker Switch

LED Rocker Switch


Light you ride in STYLE! This 5 pin rocker switch works like a seesaw, easily turning on or off any lights. The sleek surface cover is curved with very detailed laser etched patterns. The built-in LED light emits a perfect beam to light up the pattern when the switch is powered on, which also allows you to clearly catch sight of it in a dark environment, no more fumbles!

It comes with little jumper connectors and single connectors all nicely made and a rubber protector on the female ends. The whole switch fits into a standard square cut out same as all the other switches for most 4x4's, Polaris RZR's, SUV's, ATV's, UTV's, Boat's, Jeep's, etc.

20Amp 12V/DC and 10Amp 24V/DC, it is mainly used for controlling the LED light fixtures of cars, boats and yachts, such as led light bar, headlights, tail lamps, work lights, fog lights, auxiliary lights and so on. Surface size is 2" (50mm) x 1"(25mm). Standard size mounting hole 1.41"(36mm) x .86"(22mm).


LED Light Color